Provincial Readiness to Institutionalize and Mainstream Risk Reduction or PRIMRR aims to improve the capacity of men and women in local communities for sustainable disaster risk reduction (DRR) activities. It is a project of Oxfam and the Disaster Preparedness Programme of the European Commission’s Humanitarian Aid Department (DIPECHO) under its 6th Action Plan. At the heart of PRIMIRR is the creation of the Disaster Risk Management Office (DRMO) in the three high-risk provinces of Saranggani, Pampanga and Sorsogon.

A DRMO is a permanent office in a local government unit (LGU) that is tasked to look into the disaster risk reduction activities of a particular locality. With climate change threatening to increase the severity and frequency of disasters, many vulnerable communities need to put up DRMOs.

The Albay Public Safety and Emergency Management Office (APSEMO) is the inspiration of PRIMIRR. APSEMO was able to dramatically reduce the loss of lives, livelihoods and properties in Albay brought about by disasters. It has shown that a local government’s investment of time, human and financial resources in DRR can protect a community exposed to natural hazards.

PRIMRR is supported by the European Commission’s Humanitarian Aid department (ECHO) through its disaster preparedness programme (DIPECHO), which aims to assist vulnerable people living in disaster-prone regions of the world in reducing the impact of natural disaster on their lives and livelihoods. PRIMRR, whose full title is Safer and More Prepared Women and Men in Local Communities through a Permanent Disaster Risk Management Office in three (3) High Risk Provinces, is part of the 6th DIPECHO Action Plan.


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